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As David’s family, our mission is to carry on and honor David’s passion for life and the game of soccer. We want to make sure that children in our community have the opportunity to play soccer if they so choose, but cannot afford the equipment to do so. Seeing children play and love soccer the way David did would bring a smile to his face. We also want to help the Navy SEAL Foundation to support our fellow SEAL families in times of need. We know first hand how important this foundation is and David would be delighted to know that we are helping the families of his SEAL brothers. David will never be forgotten in our hearts or in our memories. He is our guiding light to help love and support one another. That is why we have formed the David Warsen Memorial Foundation, a non-profit organization. CLOSING REMARKS This past year we have met so many challenges in our loss of David. We have learned so much through our pain and grief. For starters, we have been gently reminded about not taking loved ones for granted. Love is so simple and yet so powerful. Love is what will forever connect David to our hearts. This past year we have experienced anger and struggled with understanding (why). But through our journey God has shown how beautiful life truly is when you learn to forgive and feel true peace. It has not been an easy journey, but we have learned so much about being patient with each other and ourselves. We don’t have to hold onto pain. There has been times were we felt like we had to hold on to the miserable things, like it was some responsibility we were to carry. But David’s life was about love and joy, not pain and suffering. Even in David’s passing he continues to teach us so much. So reflecting on what we have learned about ourselves and our journey through grief, we choose to remember our beautiful love sweet son, brother and friend. We choose to spend our time here on earth with family. And we choose to be at peace. All of your love, care , prayers and support has helped carry us through. God Bless! Dave and Stephanie Psalm 23:1 The Lord is my shepard: I shall not want.
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