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The Name of Our Pub We wanted our name to tell a lot about our pub. The Curragh is headquarters of Flat Racing in Ireland. Written evidence of racing dates back to the third century when chariot races were held at the “Cuireach" — the Gaelic word for racecourse — on the lands known today as the Curragh Racecourse and Training Grounds. The Curragh hosts all five Classic Races and up to thirteen other quality race days annually. It is owned by the Irish Turf Club, founded in Kildare in the 1760's. The Pub Experience "Craic" In the small villages that dot Ireland, the pub culture plays an important role in social life; it is the social hub of the community. Half of the magic of Ireland lies in the people, for whom great conversation and high good humor are at the very heart of a wonderful culture. Village folks don't sit in front of the television after supper, they meet at the local pub and don't go home until everyone at the table has politely bought a round. Craic is an atmosphere that will be different from pub to pub, yet will be the main difference between us and all the other pubs, restaurants, and bars in town. Craic is not something you can hold in your hand, nor can you see it on the wall. Yet, when you walk into a pub and it is there, you can definitely feel it. Craic is the little something extra that is done to make sure our guests have a great time. Thank you for visiting the Curragh Irish Pub and we hope you enjoy the "Craic". We are located in Holland, Michigan and Schaumburg, Illinois.
73 East 8th Street
Holland, MI 49423
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