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Solo cup Thursday's, 12oz any mixed drink or beer for $4 ALL NIGHT !!


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Banger's Bar lives by its motto, Anything Goes at Banger's. Banger's is a show bar that prides itself in providing the ultimate high energy and entertainment experience. Plenty of bars serve cold drinks for a bargain downtown, but only at Banger's can bar goers get the true "bang" for their buck. Banger's employs the sexiest bar staff in Downtown Grand Rapids, and whether they are dancing on the bar, handing out beads or mixing drinks, the staff is always on stage, performing their hearts out. The guys sport kilts and muscles while the females work the room in creatively-cut tops and barely-there kilts and shorts. A typical night at Banger's includes the following: -Contests: from shaving whipped cream off balloons to shooting basketball free throws -Dynamics: from bar backs wearing ponchos and sombreros pouring tequila shots off the bar into the mouths of an energized crowd to Banger’s girls dancing to a choreographed Lady Marmalade number behind the bar. - Banger’s Special: A creation that is a one-of-a-kind and a must have for first time visitors. Just watching the bartenders prepare this drink is a full show -Midnight Madness: imagine CO2 and shredded napkins blowing across a crowded room while Disturbed's Down With the Sickness plays in the background along with a mix of blaring sirens. You've got to see it to believe it! Banger’s will develop into the number one party bar in Downtown Grand Rapids by promoting a concept that is unsurpassed by any other venue in the area while creating positive clientele relationships.
608 Bridge
Grand Rapids, MI 49504
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